International release of the 75th Book of Dr.N.Radhakrishnan at Johannesburg. Tagore, Gandhi, Makiguchi & Ikeda : Pioneers of Education for Peace (75th Book of Dr.N.Radhakrishnan) was launched internationally at a solemn function at the SGI Cultural Centre at Johannesburg on 28 February 2015.  General Director of SGI, South Africa, Ms. Loren Braithwaite launched the book.  Read More...
 Dr. G Ramchandran  Dr.IKEDA Award was given to Sri. Raha Naba Kumar at Gandhi Peace Foundation at  New Delhi.   Read More..

The Gandhian Initiatives for Human Rights

Dr. N Radhakrishnan,  Two incidents - one in 1893 in South Africa, the second in 1956 in USA - that changed the course of history of civil rights movement for human rights in the world are (1) the eviction of Mohandas Gandhi from the train at Petermatritzburg in South Africa for having dared to travel in a first-class compartment and (2) Mrs. Rosa Parks' stout refusal to vacate a seat she had occupied in a public bus in Montgomery in Alabama, USA and her readiness to he fined for this `crime' she had committed.

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The Gandhi Peace Mission

2015/2016 marks the 70th  anniversary of what is known as the 'Calcutta Miracle' and Gandhi’s 'Pilgrimage to Noakhali' for the promotion of Dialogue, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Religious Pluralism and Shanti Sena for sustainable peace among nations and different cultures.

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Studies / Analysis / Research on Dr. N Radhakrishnan

Studies / Analysis / Research on Dr. N Radhakrishnan

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  • Dr. N Radhakrishnan

    The multifarious activities, responsibilities, initiatives he took in his committed work in Gandhigram for 22 years speak volumes of his dedication to rural unliftment through higher education. Under the leadership of distinguished Gandhian Leaders such as Dr. Soudram Ramachandran and Dr. G. Ramachandran, he plunged into rural reconstruction activities in over 100 service villages around the Gandhigram complex of institutions.


    Adult education, health and sanitation, health and hygiene, rural housing, conflict management, rural youth training, awareness creation about the six killer diseases, documentation and propagation of folk art forms were the major areas of concentration during this period, besides his teaching and administrative work back in Gandhigram Rural Institute. (1968 to 1990).                     Read More...
  • Prof. N. Radhakrishnan

    Prof. N. Radhakrishnan whose contribution to the world of thoughts and writing is not properly understood since the peace activist’s role for which he has been known globally has taken precedence .This publication is a documentation of his writings and select books on him in English as well as in a few other languages. This documentation coincides the release of his 65th  book,” Gandhi in the Age of Computer” (Mahatma Gandhi Computer Yugathil) in Malayalam, his mother tounge.


    As a writer in English,Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil, Dr. Radhakrishnan has authored / edited over 75 books, many of which have been translated into world languages.

  • Prof. N Radhakrishnan

    Prof. N. Radhakrishnan has an amazing record of highly distuinguished and dedicated record of service during the last 38 years in the field Gandhian Constructive work, social work and training of youth in nonviolence. As a trainer of Youth in Nonviolence he has attracted national and international attention and the number of Youth trained by him in Shantisena and conflict resolution itself is a testimony of his commitment to social work along Gandhian lines. He is respected in several countries as one of world’s top-most trainers in nonviolence.

    What the Grand Chief of First Nations People, Canada, Mr. Ovide Mercredi said about Dr.Radhakrishnan while introducing him as the keynote speaker at the Conference of First Nations People, Vancouver in Oct 1996, sums up his contributions to humankind.

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