Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Neelakantom,MGRA–30, Marappalam,Pattom. P.0
Thiruvananthapuram (Dist), Kerala, India
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Gandhian thinker, peace- activist, educator and author of over  70 books in English  on Gandhi, Peace Education and harmony, Professor Radhakrishnan is visiting Faculty to several of world’s prestigious Universities and Peace Institutes  and a Professor Emeritus.

  • He  has also the reputation of being one of world’s topmost trainers in nonviolence and runs regular seminars, workshops, training programs in Nonviolent Conflict- Management, Gandhi-philosophy  and Culture of Peace
  • Radhakrishnan, trained by such distinguished activists  as Baba Amte, and G.Ramachandran  also led nonviolent training programmes in several conflict zones in the world such as Cyprus, Palestine, Srilanka, Columbia besides running similar programmes in many conflict areas across India during the last fifty years.
  • He, an influential academic and peace worker, after leaving university service has also served as Director of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (New Delhi) for over a decade.
  • He led the Shanti Sena programme at the Gandhigram University, and extended its reach all over to improve communal harmony in the country in association with University Grants Commission and several universities both in and outside India.

International Recognitions:

The international community has honored  him with  several prestigious awards:

  • The Soka University of Tokyo conferred on him an Honorary Doctorate in 2001 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to peace education globally.
  • The Morehouse College(USA) nominated him to its global council of scholars
  • The Atlanta-based Gandhi- King -Ikeda Community Builders Award for 2001was also conferred on him in view of his outstanding contribution to promote peace and harmony.

National Recognitions:

  • He has received such prestigious awards as  the Rajeev Gandhi Sadbhavana Award of (2007),Acharya Mahapragya Award for Nonviolence(2008), Gandhi-Vallalar Award for Harmony(2009), MKK Award( 2006) for humanrights.He has been recently selected by the National Communal Harmony Foundation ( Govt.of India) for its prestigious Award ( 2013).

Founder of institutions and initiatives for peace

Prof.Radhakrishnan has founded several institutions such as Gandhi Media Foundation, Ikeda Centre for Value Creation, G.Ramachandran Institute for Nonviolence; Hinsamukt Bharat Andolan ,the Shanti Sena Training Centres (Trivandrum  & Manjeswaram) and Gandhigriham (Trivandrum).

Ongoing programmes under his lead

  • The Hinsamukt Bharat Andolan ( Violence free society  campaign),now ten years old, to which he is the founding General Secretary has been organising various programmes to promote dialogue, harmony and reconciliation among various segments of society.
  • Interstate Gandhi Peace Bus and regular training programmes in nonviolence:
  • A theatre specialist and media trainer Prof.Radhakrishnan recently designed and held successfully the first Gandhi Short Film Fest in an attempt to encourage  students and youth to explore Gandhi’s life, message and their contemporary relevance as potential themes for short films, and social media interaction.
  • The  80 Youth Assemblies  Against Violence that were held in different States of India ; The Inter State Gandhi Peace Bus ;  the National Campaigns of Youth Against Terror and Violence; Youth for Peace Campaigns which Prof.Radhakrishnan  successfully organised in association with NYKS, NSS and Gandhian organisations  were hailed as significant initiatives .

National initiatives and organizations he  presently leads

Chairman of Indian Council of Gandhian Studies ( New Delhi);  (ii) Founder of   Gandhi Media Foundation;    (iii) General Convenor of Himsamukt Bharat Foundation;  (iv ) Chairman of Gandhigrih (Trivandrum);   (v) President of Rengaprabhat Children’s Theatre;   (vi) Chairman of Vinoba-Venkatesh Rao Shanti Sena Centre(Manjeswaram);   (vii) Founder:Ikeda  Centre for Value Creation ( Trivandrum);  (viii) Chairman of Centre for Promotion of Communal Harmony and National Integration (Madurai) ; (ix) Chairman of Gandhidarshan Kendra, Chennai ;  (x) Working Chairman of Kerala Gandhi Smarak   Nidhi ; (xi) Executive Committee member of  Gandhi National  Museum ( New Delhi) ; (xii) Founder: PKN Trust(Kollam);  (xiii) President: G.Sankara Pillai Memorial Centre for Performing Arts,Trivandrum;   (xiv) Founder: Missionaries of Nonviolence Foundation ( Madurai); (xv) Secretary General, Writers Forum For Harmony (New Delhi).