Work among Naxalites of Dharmapuri

During 1981-82, he camped and organized a Peace Program for two months in Dharmapuri District in Tamilnadu when that whole district was rocked by prolonged armed conflict  involving Naxalites and peasants.

Peace work during Inter-religious disturbance in several parts of Tamilnadu

He led peace initiatives during the inter-religious and inter-communal conflicts at Villupuram and Mandaikadu in Tamilnadu, in Thiruavananthapuram in Kerala, india.

Youth camps and community singing in Hoshiarpur (Punjab) and in Tripura and Assam

He undertook a two-month program of chorus singing and visits to the Universities in Amritsar, Jalandhar and Hosiarpur in Punjab, Tripura and Assam in 1984, 89 and 90 to educate young men on the need of developing nonviolent alternatives.

Bringing peace in a village in Dindigul district

A team led by Prof. Radhakrishnan and guided by Shri Devendra Kumar, then Vice-Chancellor of Gandhigram Rural Institute, which adopted Vellode, a village in  Anna District, Tamilnadu which had been the scene of regular and prolonged  communal tension between Hindus and Christians for the last 20 years and, in less than six months, a Peace Committee was formed in the village and a peace accord signed thus ending the 20 year old tension between the two religious groups.

Peace Campaign in the wake of massacre in Jahanabad (Gaya District in Bihar)

As part of a national initiative to contain violence and massacre in Jahanabad in the Gaya District in Bihar, a week-long harmony campaign was organized under his leadership besides an on-the-spot assessment and visit to places of murder and violence.

Relief work During Gujarat earthquake

During the Gujarat earthquake he camped in Ahamadabad and in the Bhuj areas  for two weeks assisting in the rehabilitation work under the combined auspices of  voluntary organizations. He also assisted the Sarvodaya group of activists in Ahamadabad in raising national and international funds for rehabilitation.

Assistance in Rehabilitation work after Godhra tragedy

He also rendered service in the Himmatnagar region during and after the Godhra tragedy, assisting both the civil authorities and voluntary organizations by mobilizing medical  supplies, raising funds for rehabilitation of victims.

Meet against Violence and Terrorism:

Several meetings and discussion sessions of Gandhian constructive workers, intellectuals, public men and youth leaders were arranged in the search for a Gandhian alternative to the problem of violence.