During the International Year of Peace 1984, he designed and led an inter-state  education campaign entitled “Shanti Yatra” for a month. It was a mass contact and masseducation campaign covering an estimated number of ten million people, traveling a distance of over 1600 kilometers along the hinterlands of Kerala, Pondichery, Karnataka and Tamilnadu, through 400 villages over 90 towns and 16 district headquarters carrying  the message of Peace, Love and Goodwill. The objectives of the Campaign were to form units of Shanti Sena in schools and colleges to prepare children, students and non-student youths and adults men and women to promote peace and communal harmony..., to promote the study of peace science and Gandhian thought and to take the message of peace, love and goodwill to all sections of the people.

The Shanti Yatra at its core consisted of (i) a band of artists who would sing songs on peace, national integration and communal harmony (ii) a mobile exhibition on arms  race, evil of violence etc. There were thirty persons (25 men and 5 women) selected from 5 professors, students, constructive workers, youth leaders and artists from various universities and service organizations in the south.