Right from his student days he was involved in constructive activities of various types and he was College Union Chairman and Secretary of the Trivandrum District  Sarvodaya Vidyarthi Mandal and took keen interest both in the study of Gandhian philosophy and organizing Youth Camps to involve fellow students in social activities and community development.

Inspired by Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, Dr. Usha Mehta, Baba Amte and Dr. G.Ramachandran, he plunged into serious constructive activities and Training  Programmes to mobilize youth for socially important initiatives and between  1964-2009 he has organized an amazing number of over 700 youth training camps in various parts of the country and 20 camps abroad on nonviolent social change in association with

Some of the International Institutions with which Prof. Radhakrishnan has been interacting and guiding as a Consultant / Resource Person are

a) The Martin Luther King Institute, Miami, Florida

b) Centre of Global Nonviolence, Hawaii

c) Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Tokyo

d) Sarvodaya Sramdan, Colombo

e) Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace, Edmonton, Canada

f) Options International, USA

g) TFF Sweden