Training in Constructive Work under Baba Amte and G. Ramachandran After post-graduation in literature and communication, he joined the Gandhigram  Rural Institute (now a University) in Tamilnadu and was in-charge of various activities  including the Shantisena training program, adult education, youth training in nonviolence besides teaching and other administrative work for over 22 years under  the distinguished Gandhian Leader Dr. G. Ramachandran.

Dr. Baba Amte offered him a three months intensive training programme at Anandvan  1969 in community work and tribal welfare. During the Gandhi centenary 1969 he was incharge of the Gandhi Darshan Train in madurai

The different aspects of his involvement in Constructive work

1. Training in community work as a youth leader and in-charge of Trivandrum District Sarvodhaya Vidyarthi Mandal (1958 to 1966)

2. The multifarious activities, responsibilities, initiatives he took in his committed work in Gandhigram for 22 years speak volumes of his dedication to rural upliftment  through higher education.

Under the leadership of distinguished Gandhian Leaders such as Dr. Soudram Ramachandran and Dr. G. Ramachandran, he plunged into rural reconstruction activities in over 100 service villages around the Gandhigram complex of institutions in Madurai District.

Adult education, health and sanitation, health and hygiene, rural housing,  conflict management, rural youth training, awareness creation about the six killer diseases, documentation and propagation of folk art forms were the major areas of concentration during this period, besides his teaching and administrative work back in Gandhigram Rural Institute. (1968 to 1990)

3. His appointment by Goverment of India as Director of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi is perceived to be a recognition of his excellent work in Gandhigram and the neighbouring villages. During the twelve years (1990 to 2001) of his work he had the confidence and privilege to have worked with Five Prime Ministers(Prime  Minister being the Chairman of Gandhi Smrithi)

As Director he strove to bring together the academics, activists, Gandhi Museums, major Gandhian Organization in different parts of India, the Gandhi Bhavans of Universities, as a part of his efforts to strengthen social activism,  academic programs, research and documentation particularly on Gandhi.

With this objective in mind he organized 12 national level meetings in different parts of India from 1994 to 1999 with the support and guidance of such national  leaders as Sadiq Ali, Usha Mehta, Sushila Nayyar, B.N. Pande, Ravindra Varma, and K.S. Krishnaswamy